Monday, February 27, 2012

Life Changes

So as my sister would say "It's year of the Keena" (Keena is my mom's maiden name if you didn't know..) Jen is having a baby! And while my life is not that exciting, I do already have a chunk of my new year's resolutions completed!

1. I GOT A NEW JOB! I am so excited. I will be the Catering and Suites Manager for Aramark out at Kauffman Stadium. A lot of what I did in Dallas, but on the Food and Beverage side. Today was my first day and it was great. Its way more laid back, like you can cuss, and the department is small. I am also excited because drunk people at a baseball game make for way better stories, and in turn blog posts, than me getting pissed off on a Mandarin or Spanish or Vietnamese interpreter call. Which also means GCHAT! Don't worry friends, I'll be back soon.

2. I am moving in 2 weeks! I found a cute apartment in Mission. I'll only be about 20 minutes from work and a lot closer to shops and restaurants and what not.

3. I am down 15 pounds. I haven't been doing great as of late. I had a couple weeks where I wasn't losing and I think it was because of Insanity. I did some research and they said you lose inches but don't expect the number to go down. Which is fine, I just want to see my weight lower than what it is. So my plan is to drop 20 and then restart Insanity. (And yes Emily, I am eating breakfast)

Anyway, that was kind of braggy. So funny posts and posts that don't make sense are soon to come!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weight Watchers Part 1

So this morning started my crusade into the new year to be skinny, which
meant my first weight watchers meeting with my cousin Erin. "If you want
it, you got it" The musical styling of J. Hud were pumping through the
speakers and I was ready to go - pumped up if you will. It was basically
like the theme from Rocky.

It was everything I expected it to be. I went in and hopped on the scale. I
don't remember the exact number on the scale (that's a lie, I do, but I'm
just not telling you). But I will tell you the words that were under that
number. You had to squint to see it, but it said "Gross, you are
disgusting" with a smiley face at the end. But if that number was not
motivation, I don't know what it.

After you weigh in you walk back to the meeting area, on the way you pass
their little store. There was a book called "I Got This" by Jennifer
Hudson, a bunch of food and the coolest thing I saw was an Oil Sprayer.
Basically it measures out the oil for you so you are only squeezing 1 point
worth of oil into the pan. I thought that was pretty nifty and I'll
probably have to pick up one for myself.

Meeting starts. It starts with them giving out awards to people who have
lost certain pounds of weight. 5, 10, 15 lbs, etc. Then you go through and
its more of a round table discussion about recipes and tricks that work for
you as well as learning to plan out your meals throughout the day. So they
ask what people eat for each meal and how many points that meal is to give
ideas. Breakfast. And this quickly became my favorite part of the day.
Everyone is giving great ideas. A few examples:

*Cream of Wheat with Applesauce Mixed in. Filling and like 3 points

*Greek Yogurt with Granola in it so it is more filling.

*Smoothies and shakes

*Vegetable and Egg Beater Skillets. Pre cut the peppers and freeze - lasts
longer and easier in morning.

Then, all of the sudden, in the Chris Farley voice from the diet skit. (See
below for a video reference, but if you don't know it, we are no longer
friends) You hear a woman say "EGG MCMUFFIN". "I eat an Egg McMuffin
everyday. I'm a protein girl. Sometimes I take off the top part of the
muffin. And on good days I have them take off the cheese. Its only 8
points. I just love their new commercials and their new promotions about
healthy eating. Makes me feel really good"

Are you freaking serious? Only 8 points - yes. But EVERYDAY?? It took - 1.
Half of my energy to not die laughing 2. Half of my energy to not throw up.
Most of the room was just dead silent. And you could tell the meeting
leader was doing her best to encourage, but she had to be thinking
"McDonald's breakfast commercial make you feel like you are eating healthy
now - bitch you be crazy".

I was about to tell them my little trick for when I don't eat breakfast.
Yes, I know this is horrible and I am going to start now. But basically I
just pop 1 jolly rancher in my mouth and it curbs the grumble in my
stomach. I didn't say this out loud because I was afraid Egg McMuffin lady
would eat me.

Below is the nutrition info for the Egg McMuffin. I thought the little
triangle and square graphs were really interesting.

Anyway #2 resolution is a go. As well as #3. And #1 is basically consuming all my free time. More on that to come later. Hopefully this week ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hello All! So I know it's been 7 months since I blogged, but truth be told, nothing too exciting is going on in my life. But, hopefully that's all about to change.

New Year's Resolutions, I've never been big on them, but this year I figure it's time to start. I am going to start by blogging about them, to maybe hold myself to them. If in 6 months, I haven't held to them I will do something embarrassing and post it on the web. Now taking suggestions....

#1. This will sound ridiculous, but #1 is figure out my life. I have been saying it for the past 3 days. Figure out my living situation, job situation and the general direction in which I want my life to continue.

#2. Lose weight. I know it can be done, because end of Freshmen year of college I was at a good weight. Be toned and in shape. How I am doing this. Weight Watchers and for the first 60 days - Insanity. Aaaahhhh! Goal #1 - lose 20 lbs in the next 2 months.

#3. Blog and read blogs. I might have figured out an app that helps me to read blogs more often. Or maybe I can just spend some less time on pinterest.

Updates to come. Hope everyone had a great New Year's and I will see you soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

#1 Reason I Don't Have A Boyfriend

So there are probably many reasons that I don't have a boyfriend, but I would have to say, what you are about to read is probably #1, and if not #1 - top 3.

Everyone knows I love Harry Potter, but I think I took it to a whole new level this weekend. I am going to the Midnight showing on Thursday, which is not out of the norm, but in preparation, we had a marathon extravaganza to get ready. Starting at 8:00 PM on Friday night, we put in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and the magic started from there. I'll put this in pictures for you.

The scarf I wore all weekend

(My wonderful sister Jena got this for me when she visited Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. Also earlier in the week, I told my friend Emily that I was going to bring this scarf, she then asked me if I had all the movies, my answer "I own a Harry Potter scarf")

Butter Beer

Pumpkin Juice

(Orange pop and orange vodka)

Pumpkin Pasties

Cauldron Cakes and Botts Every Flavor Bean

Harry's Birthday Cake

(For those of you who are not aware, 17 is the "man" birthday in the wizarding world, you lose the trace and can do magic whenever you want. My sister told me that when I bring the cake out I have to say "O no Harry (British accent), Ginny and I made you a birthday cake and were going to bring it out after the wedding")


(Instagramed of course)

Ron Weasley cutting the turkey

(Hogwarts has the best feasts-every movie)

My feast

(Turkey, Cheesy Potatoes, Stuffing - we also had green bean casserole)

And this, this is my crowing jewel, I really can't put into words how proud this made me. This is my poly juice potion invention. Poly Juice potion is in most of the movies, its obviously a potion, but you add hairs from another person and drink it, you then become that person.

(I mixed champagne (for the bubbles), a little midori to make it green, and the genius part-dry ice-to make it smoke. After mixing it all together, it started bubbling-JUST LIKE A CAULDRON OF POTION. It was truly amazing.

We also obviously made it into a drinking game. Times to drink

1. Whenever Dumbledore owned a room
2. When Ron said "Bloody Hell"
3. When someone said Expelliarmus

Etc, Etc.

3:51 PM, Sunday - finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. All 7 complete. We took a couple breaks here and there - to sleep, gym and prepare the feast. All in all it was a great, relaxing weekend and got me so pumped for Harry Potter 7 part 2. I am extremely excited, but also so sad that it's ending.

For all you muggles that would like to have your own Harry Potter themed party, here are a couple links to get you started

Good luck to all this week, and remember, if you hear Avada Kedavra - GET DOWN - if you can.

Monday, March 21, 2011

3,000 Thoughts A Day

Hey kids...I'm back. Don't get too excited because I work in insurance now, so I'm like an adult. And we will see about the first post back....Let me ease in.

I recently saw a commercial that said the average person has 3,000 thoughts a day. Um......dizzzzattt. (For those of you that didn't go to Olathe South-that is "doubt it" Picture your tongue sticking out,well yours-cause I can't, whilst saying it)

Anyway, I think that is a bit much. Then I started thinking about my thought versus the average person's, or a smarter persons. Here is a true documentation of my thoughts in about 3 hours in the correct order, obviously not close to 3,000 but I just realized that if a person has 3000 thoughts, some have got to be ridic....

And the thoughts came on a recent trip to Tulsa, OK so lots of time to think while starring at nothing...intermixed with belting tunes....


I wish I could sing better

I wish I had a helicopter

I wonder what would happen if Justin and Britney never broke up. Would they have ridiculous kids, still be making music, would Britney have gone crazy?

I think that Taryn and I would go on Amazing Race, 1. I think we could win, 2. I think we would be really entertaining.

The star dome in Junior High was awesome, I wonder if they still have it? (For those of you wondering, I texted my sister Aimee and they don't....Lameness) I wonder if you can rent it for parties?

(Then I wrote "Vanessa blog name" but I don't know what that means...)

My thoughts are kinds of scattered

Who gets to name cities? Who gets to name stuff like grass? Who names things?

I wish I had a plane

How do names catch on. Like how did everyone know to call a bar of soap a bar of soap, I mean they didn't have commercials back then.

Why would someone ever put a decal of a wolf on the back of their car.

I wish I could apparate

I just wish I was magic.

Getting older sucks, look at these bags under my eyes.


That's it. That is 3 hours of thoughts....of a 26 year old. Sad City

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top Chef Olathe

I was home for a quick trip this past weekend in Olathe. The whole family loves cooking shows and so we did our own little competition. Previously, the kids had done a dessert round. Cody was ahead by 1 point after round 1. We decided to do appetizers this time, so the kids told us what they wanted to make and then my mom and I went to the store to purchase all the goodies. Each kid got a Sous Chef to help, myself, my mom and my stepdad Scott. After the tasting the sous chefs went down in the basement to judge.

Chef:Sous Chef

Jared: Mom (Paula)

Korie: Scott

Cody: Me!

The following are the final product with judges commentary underneath...

Cody had nice use of the pantry with the tortillas and taco seasoning. He had an abundance of food but his food lacked contrast of color. 12 out of 15 points.

Jared's wings had excellent taste and the presentation was wonderful. Way to know your judges Jared!. However he didn't stretch himself. 13 of 15 points.
(My commentary: these were the, we marinated them in lime juice/soy sauce)

And the winner is.....

Korie showed excellent creativity. The donuts rocked! However her ravioli lacked substance. 13 out of 15 points. Appointed winner for her creativity and she took a risk.

It was a really fun activity and the kids really enjoyed it. Cody even told me, he "really enjoyed cutting the cheese", which got a laugh from all.

Monday, September 13, 2010

GREAT weekend

Today at work, I have been doing a lot of manual labor. Fun? No. Necessary? Yes. Well part of that day has been sitting on my knees writing down numbers and organizing boxes. To make this job less fun, my knees are killing me, like I can't even crawl around. Why might you ask? Well let's take you back in time......

(cue harp music)

Friday night I met up with Landon and Ashley to go out. We hit a couple bars and meet up with some more friends later. I may have ended up drinking a little too much.

I wake up the next morning and don't feel well at all. Ashley and I decide the cure is breakfast, so Ben, Ash and I hit up State & Allen. They keep asking if we want mimosas and I think that I cannot possibly bear another drink. Well, Landon shows up and we all decide to get a drink. We finish eating and decide to go watch the rest of the KU game. Ashley ditches us and Hanna meets up with us instead. We watch my boys dominate the #15 team in the country (thank you very much) and decide to stay. At one point, we look down at our bar spot and see about 25 bottles lined up, so much for the not drinking part of the day. I laughed really hard all day, got to meet the Captain Morgan captain and learn that OSU's mascot is a tree. Seriously? We stay at the MAT until about 5PM and run back to my place so I can shower. O did I not mention that I was still in the same clothes from the night before?? Yea, I was. It was gross.

We get back to my apartment (its about a 2-block walk) and we are all feeling pretty good. The boys are jacking around in the elevator. They keep hitting the emergency button and jumping around like 5 year olds. As soon as the doors open, I just want out of that elevator, so I make a break for it. All the sudden...BOOM! I hit the ground on my knees and fall onto my back. Landon had stuck his foot out and I went down hard. The 3 of them all start running around laughing uncontrollably. I'll admit, I was laughing too. But it hurt. We decide to tone down the rest of our night and just do mall, pizza and movie.

I woke up the next morning with bruised and swollen knees and they are even worse today.

But, all in all, a pretty good weekend. One of my favorite Saturdays ever. Minus the way my knees feel today....

O! And I went to the Jonas Brothers/Demi Lovato concert on Sunday. I was working, but had signed up to work this one. :)

(Disclaimer: I know this is not the best blog post, but I am rambling and feel like I should write a post...)