Monday, February 27, 2012

Life Changes

So as my sister would say "It's year of the Keena" (Keena is my mom's maiden name if you didn't know..) Jen is having a baby! And while my life is not that exciting, I do already have a chunk of my new year's resolutions completed!

1. I GOT A NEW JOB! I am so excited. I will be the Catering and Suites Manager for Aramark out at Kauffman Stadium. A lot of what I did in Dallas, but on the Food and Beverage side. Today was my first day and it was great. Its way more laid back, like you can cuss, and the department is small. I am also excited because drunk people at a baseball game make for way better stories, and in turn blog posts, than me getting pissed off on a Mandarin or Spanish or Vietnamese interpreter call. Which also means GCHAT! Don't worry friends, I'll be back soon.

2. I am moving in 2 weeks! I found a cute apartment in Mission. I'll only be about 20 minutes from work and a lot closer to shops and restaurants and what not.

3. I am down 15 pounds. I haven't been doing great as of late. I had a couple weeks where I wasn't losing and I think it was because of Insanity. I did some research and they said you lose inches but don't expect the number to go down. Which is fine, I just want to see my weight lower than what it is. So my plan is to drop 20 and then restart Insanity. (And yes Emily, I am eating breakfast)

Anyway, that was kind of braggy. So funny posts and posts that don't make sense are soon to come!


  1. Booyah, I'm so excited about all of this! Thank goodness you can cuss at have you survived? :)

  2. I am excited for you Heather!!!! And because you are moving way closer to us now :) So fun! Congrats on the new job too! Now let's get some TV nights planned...k?